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i18n with polyglot.js and rendr.js

Polyglot.js  – is a tiny I18n helper js library, made to work both in the browser and in CommonJS environments (Node).
Rendr js –

Rendr is a isomprphic – small library that allows you to run your Backbone.js apps seamlessly on both the client and the server.

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Backbone js load Async Template files

Template Manager plugin for Loading HBS template files:

file: templateManager.js

  templateManager - Async Handlebars template loader/cacher.
  @author Mohan Dere
  @version 1.0
  @requires jQuery || zepto, underscore, Handlebars.js

(function() {

  window.TemplateManager = (function() {
    var cache, defaults, fetchAndCache;

    defaults = {
      path: '/tpl/',
      ext: '.hbs'

    cache = {};

    function TemplateManager(options) {
      this.options = options != null ? options : {};
      _.defaults(this.options, defaults);
      if (this.options.cache) {
        cache = this.options.cache;

    TemplateManager.prototype.load = function(tpl, callback) {
      if (_.has(cache, tpl)) {
        return callback(cache[tpl]);
      tpl = fetchAndCache.apply(this, arguments);
      if (!callback) {
        return tpl;
      return tpl.done(function(tplString) {
        if (callback) {
          return callback(tplString);

    fetchAndCache = function(tpl) {
      var deferred, tplPath,
        _this = this;
      deferred = new jQuery.Deferred();
      tplPath = "" + this.options.path + tpl + this.options.ext;
        url: tplPath,
        type: 'GET',
        dataType: 'text',
        success: function(tplString) {
          cache[tpl] = Handlebars.compile(tplString)
          cache[tpl].tplString = tplString;
          return deferred.resolve(cache[tpl]);
      return deferred;

    return TemplateManager;




// Create the WordPress Backbone namespace.
var jwfpApp = {
    _views: {},
    _models: {},
    _collections: {},
    _vent: _.clone(Backbone.Events),
    tpl: new TemplateManager({
    path: jwfpAppData.tpl_path

// Inside view file and in render function

var self = this;
jwfpApp.tpl.load('tpl/homePage', function(template) {


Best practices for writing apps with Backbone.js

#1 Initial data for app:

Best option is using a server side template, we can simply embed the JSON data needed to populate our initial models right in the page itself.

var appInitialData = {{server_generated_json}};

#2 Rendering tons of models

While rendering with thousands of models and appending them inside container, will huge impcat on performance, may leads to freeze browser.

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