How to keep up to date on front – end technologies

I’ve seen far too many people get into development because of seeing pretty salary marks or the culture of various companies or just as a need. Being a developer is not about either of these — especially since neither are a given perk; however, being a developer is about caring passionately about what you do and the product you build / deliver. You’ll be a much happier programmer when you care about your own technical abilities more than the perks of being in development.


One of the best website i ever found is and secondly there is no better place than github and twitter to stay updated.

I follow a well-curated list of people on twitter, and read blogs and programming news sites, but when it comes down to it, the only time I’m ever really learning is when I’m doing. When I want to learn something, I’ll just start a project with it, and along the way I’ll figure out the other tools I need to be successful. After a few failed attempts, normally I can create something meaningful (that I usually throw away anyways) that allows me to understand core concepts and/or make quick uninformed jabs about things that I don’t like or understand.

Aside above knowing the people behind all significant projects helps lot to know new technologies and tools they are using.

You can find all popular projects on github in various technologies just click on following link and search for it.

I often use – The definitive source of the best JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and plugins. While working on projects you always needs to find a best plugins.

Follow these simple steps –

  1. Filter github projects by most popular projects
  2. Follow significant peoples behind those projects
  3. Find best resources
  4. Create projects with those technologies
  5. Attend conferences

My favorite way is to use WordPress REST api for data and rewrite your own blog with new technologies or if you have any great idea in your mind then just implement it. I have listed few but great projects on github which helps you a lots to learn more and more about front-end technologies.

Here are few github projects to stay updated and learn JavaScript –

Thanks for reading!!!


2 responses to “How to keep up to date on front – end technologies

  1. Hi Mohan,

    Nice simple and straightforward article.
    Thank you sharing your approach and nice links and resources.


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