i18n with polyglot.js and rendr.js

Polyglot.js  – is a tiny I18n helper js library, made to work both in the browser and in CommonJS environments (Node).
Rendr js –

Rendr is a isomprphic – small library that allows you to run your Backbone.js apps seamlessly on both the client and the server.

Isomorphic JavaScript apps are JavaScript applications that can run both client-side and server-side.
The backend and frontend share the same code.

Here is an best arrticle on internationalization a Node/Express web application by John.

Issue – How to internationalizes Rendr js app?

After some research i found some git issues related to i18n rendr app. but those issues does not addresses all code base.


So decided to write full article on this.


  1.  Store user selected language – for serving content
  2.  Creating locale files and serving
  3.  Server side rendering
  4.  Client side rendering
  5.  HBS helper for i18n strings

Here is a Gist added with source files.


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