How to keep up to date on front – end technologies

I’ve seen far too many people get into development because of seeing pretty salary marks or the culture of various companies or just as a need. Being a developer is not about either of these — especially since neither are a given perk; however, being a developer is about caring passionately about what you do and the product you build / deliver. You’ll be a much happier programmer when you care about your own technical abilities more than the perks of being in development.

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i18n with polyglot.js and rendr.js

Isomorphic JavaScript apps are JavaScript applications that can run both client-side and server-side.
The backend and frontend share the same code.

Here is an best arrticle on internationalization a Node/Express web application by John.

Issue – How to internationalizes Rendr js app?
After some research i found some git issues related to i18n rendr app. but those issues does not addresses all code base.

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